The  International  Association  of  Birman  Breeders

L'association  internationale  des  Eleveurs  de  Birmans

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The  TIABB is  a  young  association  of   Birman   breeders.
But   also  welcomes  active  sympathizers  representing  other  breeds.
This  association  is  recognized  by  the  LOOF (French  genealogy book)
and  organizes  a  few   cat-shows   and  seminars.

Our next cats show :

1°) Tica: Genève-Palesxpo 2016. November 19 & 20.

With Cat Club de Genève (Traditional judgments)

Registrations by Cat club de Genève /i-toes
informations: (Show manager: Béatrice-Anne Keller)

2°) Buchy (France) march or september 2017.
10 Tica rings. Catlantic club

Adress: Salle de sport - Route de Forges - 76750 BUCHY

Traditional show & Tica show (10 rings )

informations: : Hélène Guillaume

Online registration

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